The lover Remembers Something Long Ago That Never Happened

I lay in the long grass and
saw you standing against the
sky autumn
dusk moving into the promising
unreal autumn night
this had all happened before
it had happened in a dream
have i told you you look ravishing?

for juliet cook

please remember it was me
who saw your dark-toothed smile
from across the rubber room
as we both release black

pet zombie butterflies giggling
respectively, mr. black himself
and the most venomous princess
since sylvia popped her head
out the oven; charmed, we're sure

bastards and darlings beware
this stare can wear anything we say
bat wings, blood kings, diamonds
shamed right back into coal
O such abominable vavoom!
smash another toxic cocktail against
the dirty word wall

poor nostalgia we really did
a number on her tattoo parlor
but hell business is blooming
in a dumb trifold of intimately
savage squalor

jackknifed I can almost breathe almost
in my next fetid perusal of what
everyone is always assuring
us is the "situation"

well how's this quillfish for a jackpot
a mishap among all these carbines?
shoot away I'll play swiss for the day
or jugular hour when we excrete on
their peppy little primrose

look honey there's roaches on
the fuselage, I'm out
Nicole Votta
Peter Schwartz
Bruised Fruit

The fragility of our bodies
goes forgotten until injured.
A deep cut, a broken bone,
and then the healing.
Can a smile repair
a sneer's damage?
Fragility is the common
Even steel melts.
Planets die, suns implode,
and we are as gnats
on a floating plum
Raud A Kennedy