New e-books in 2015:

Reading Robbe-Grillet by Fred Skolnik
Time Adjusters by Bill Ectric

Submission Guidelines

Max word count: 30,000

Presentation: 12 point TNR with single spacing. This may seem a bit finicky but it really does help when I print it out to read.

Email your submissions to: seinundwerden@gmail.com with 'e-book submission' in the subject line and with the doc attached.

What do I want from a submission?

I'll throw some words at you:

Sartre, cinema, chiarascuro, Otto Dix, Henry Miller, dystopias, psychoses, neuroses, lustmord, Bunuel, decadence, dark humour, Nabokov, cutting wit, Octave Mirbeau, Tim Burton, Angela Carter, marionettes, Hans Bellmer, the Quay Brothers, Jan Svankmajer, punk, DADAism, noir, Andrew Vachss, biographies, Anita Berber, Cabaret, parallel lives, steampunk, asylums, revolution, Sacher-Masoch, Tamara de Lempicka, Heidigger, Lydia Lunch, meat hooks, cherry pie, prostheses, James Ellroy.

All Sein und Werden e-books are free and, for the foreseeable future, printed copies will not be part of the plan.

Archived e-books:

Shooting Side Glances - John Greiner

"Sui Generis" and Other Fictions - Marc Lowe

Girl from Baku - Russell Bittner

Links to the archived e-books can be found

Phil Doran
England Remained
 Calm Last Night

j/j hastain
riding the lace barometer

Tantra Bensko
The Cabinet of What you Don't See

Marc Lowe
A Tour of Beaujardin (or, The Derelicts)

Mark Howard Jones
The Garden of Doubt on the Island of Shadows