An Ode to the Century Past - Boris Glikman
Dashboard Madonna - John Greiner
Blackeye - Julie Blankenship
Discharge Planning - Gerard Sarnat
The Years Magnify - Allen Ashley
Miracle of the Rose
Double Jesus - B Drew Collier
The Broken Buddha - Algo
Elusive - Gerard Sarnat
The Day Internet Died - Boris Glikman
Fun With Madonna - Rachel Kendall
Existential Vacuum - Cecelia Chapman
Jacob's Ladder - Kyle Ferguson
Dog Barking at the Moon - Patrick Wright
The Aztec Design - Nick Jackson
Couronne d'Epines (Crown of Thorns)
Morphine Ward on Psychiatric Fire - Linda Ann Strang
And the A$$ Saw the Angel - Kyle Ferguson
Domestic Entanglements - Malcolm Flanigan
"Mona Lisa" - IB Rad
Dead Drunk in Glasgow - J Brooke
Sonnet 14.10.18 - David Banks
Shoeshine Man Waxes Hendrix Or Presley - Gerard Sarnat
Saint Barbara alterpiece, Wilhelm Kalteysen
The Immortality of Youth - Mark Kirkbride
Museum of Impending Death - Juliet Cook
Pandemic Portraits - Collin J Rae
Planet Heaven - K Marvin Bruce
Don't Stand Too Close to Marie Curie
       - She'll Give You Cancer - B Drew Collier
By Virtue Of... - Rachel Kendall
A Cigarette's Her Raison d'Etre - Mark Kirkbride
The Natural Order - Ken Poyner
Hextory - Steve Fried
Bullworker - EF Hay
Juste la vérité - Nelly Sanchez
Making Plans For Nigel - Douglas Thompson
from: The Years with Laura Diaz
Greek in the Wind - Richard Gessner
Bruno Schulz - Will Cordeiro
The Folks on the Hill - Algo
In Ziploc Bags -Mark Tulin