First Row
Demi Moore, Tales from the Crypt "Dead Right", 1990
Julia Stiles, O, 2000
Uncredited, Splatter University, 1984
Paola Senatore, Eaten Alive, 1980
Jacqueline Laurent, Nathalie, Fugitive from Hell, 1981

Second Row
Gabriele Gori, Bronx Executioner, 1989
Lara Wendel, Tenebre, 1982
Eva Robins / Roberto Coatti, Tenebre, 1982
Anny Papa, A Blade in the Dark, 1983
Olga Kabo, Burial of the Rats, 1995

Third Row
Marianne Walter, The Tool-Box Murders, 1977
Denise Purcell, Deadly Weapons, 1970
Andrea Rau, Daughters of Darkness, 1971
Loredana Parella, Stage Fright, 1987
Drew Barrymore, Scream, 1996

Fourth Row
Sueanne Seamans, The Majorettes, 1986
Rachel Reed, Midnight Tease, 1994
Nancy Kovack, Diary of a Madman, 1962
Zora Kerova, Canibal Ferox, 1981
Carla Cassola(?), Death Rides a Horse, 1969

Fifth Row
Uncredited, Maniac Nurses, 1990
Shannon Tweed, Possessed by the Night, 1993
Marilyn Burns, Eaten Alive, 1976
Joanne Linville, Scorpio, 1972

Sixth Row
Uncredited, Pieces, 1983
Uncredited, Horror Rises from the Tomb, 1973
Justine Priestley, Up Against Amanda, 2000