Anecdotal Evidence: A Collage

Blood-streaked petals wilting around a center still sticky
with bright pollen.

Three tiny pots scraped clean
of lip balm, one with a rubicund tint.
A ruby-stained cotton swab tweezed from grimy sinkhole.

A single Polaroid photo of hacked-up knees
in a hot, perfumed shower. Red felt tip pen on white hem, a scrawled word--nosegay.

Pinkish fingerprints dusted off
a decorative rotary phone.
Decorative as in unplugged.

A voice in a small sandwich bag
on a black answering machine tape
to be played later (again and again).

In an adjacent bag, fragments of party streamers,
flecks of fondant, half moon shaped slivers.

Her abanded place setting begs
so many questions such as how
and why and where does her ghost reside.

An unsipped sip of sweetish Riesling
might have dried into residuum at the bottom of speckled glass,
(except you sipped it...


"Anecdotal Evidence: A Collage" first appeared in Combatives (Vol. 2, #1) (a print/online companion to the online journal H_NGM_N, presenting the work of a single author).