Bad Flux {Christophe Riesco}
- 'Golden Nugget', 'Lucky Strike', 'Bingo', 'Las Vegas', 'Boulder', and 'Hotel Apache' hung in the deep blue air that was almost black, themselves illuminations and with a fizz of lights under them: all that there was where the concrete, fibre-glass and human flesh beneath the immense neon signs was worth so little that it faded out of the picture altogether.

- Like wax in heat it flowed to different shapes, reformed, reformed again, a man in a tuxedo raising his fist, a woman's naked body, entirely silver, a swarm of faceless animals that climbed all over a plaster statue left on its side in a back alley. 

- For a second the principle of evil, in the form it chanced to take, looked up and caught you looking at it, pausing for a moment, your eyes looking into its eyes which were looking into yours, with its tongue hanging out, pathetic and familiar.