Vernal Scrooge = Paul Hostovsky
Which of Yin and Yang to Optimize = Heikki Huotari
Pet Hate Acrostic = Allen Ashley
Fly = Giles Goodland
"The News" = IB Rad
Making Your Point = David Dumouriez
Bete Noire Hallucinations 1 = s.d.s.
Cold Poem = Paul Hostovsky
Congruent Parallelograms = Heikki Huotari
Dog Killer = Laton Carter
Die Ungehorsame Kaulquappe = Richard Gessner
Black Cat = Algo
Kludge Goes King Kong = Philip Doran
This is No Way to Deal With the Catastrophe = Allen Ashley
The Hidden Evolution of Racial Epithets = Richard Gessner
Off My Body = Marilyn Kaggen
Angry Tide = Nick Hadfield
Knife Demons in the Shape of Gentlemen = Paul Edward Costa
Sausage Stuffing = Nicholas Alexander Hayes
The Balls of the Bull = AE Reiff
Bull = AE Reiff
Charles Manson's on the Chat Shows = Allen Ashley
Fugitive Unborn On The Run = Richard Gessner
The All-Devourer, Once Invited, Cannot Be Gotten Rid Of = Ted Mico
Black Beast = Janis Butler Holm
Black Beast Part Hole = Martin Heavisides
Kaiju = Richard Magahiz
Bats = Giles Goodland
Ageing Like a Basilisk = Helen Freeman
A Labyrinth of Abstraction = Paul Edward Costa
SFM = Richard Magahiz
The Poodle of the Baskervilles = Norman Conquest
Mark of the Vampire = Alexis Child
Strike a Dead Sensation = Paul Edward Costa
It's Raining Centipedes = Juliet Cook
For Suella = Paul McDonald
Bete Noire Hallucinations 2 = s.d.s.
Centipede Cider = Juliet Cook and j/j hastain
Kobor kutya/Stray Dog - Karoly Lencses
Disturbance at #37 = Ted Mico
Silence dans la mangeoire (silence in the feed trough)
   = Nelly Sanchez

Feeding Time = Mark Hastings
Black Hound Hunting = Jane Langan
Process = Ken Poyner
A Heron Flew Overhead = Vince Wells
Melville Drawing At a Young Age of a Dream Demigod = JB Pravda
Octoworld = Boris Glikman
Yob = EF Hay
Bete Noire Hallucinations 3 = s.d.s.
Gotcha [A conte concerning Geophagy, the practice of eating mud]
   = Michael Loughrey

Why You Don't Hear From Me = John Grey
Crows = Giles Goodland
Suicide Killer = Steve Fried
The Beast's Breath = Paul McDonald
The Gatekeeper of Dreams = Kirby Wright
Vaara and Vaayu = Ashwini Gangal
A Szoba/The Room = Karoly Lencses
Insomnia = Rachael Alonzo
Singsong = Ken Anderson
On the Boundary Line of Temple Bar = Rose Lattimore
Exit, Pursued by Dog = Ted Mico
Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve = Rachael Alonzo
The Long Shadows = David Turnbull
The Business of Poetry, or, 'Make Me Laugh!' Ordered the Furious
   and Naked Monster = JJ Steinfeld

Bioluminescent Flesh = Bill Wolak
Verismo for Mr Blobby = Michael Tigchelaar
Lucia 2 = Elaine Borthwick
The Indexer = Larry Lefkowitz
Model of King Kong by sculptor Marcel Delgado

The Beasts