I'd been watching her for maybe three days. Wasn't hard. Not for a sumbitch like myself. The way I saw it she had at least one guy she was seeing other than her husband. Maybe there were others. Maybe not. Wasn't my concern really. Now she was a piece. I can tell you that. A real piece. Red hair like a forest fire. Legs long as the day. Generous chest. Face like a fucking china doll. Yeah watching her was real easy. Now I'd been hired to kill her. And I was kind of looking forward to that. You know. It was a chance thing too. I needed cash worse than ever before. And I'd needed it real bad at times. See I've got what they call an illness. A disease. I gamble just like a damn demon. Money and me don't go. We don't. Like uh, oil and water, we don't combine well. Don't sit with one another. You can imagine I guess, I piss it away. Time and again. And I've had much of it. Real load. Booze, broads, drugs, more gambling mostly. It just leaves me. Departs. I've woken up with nigh on a hundred thousand cash to my name and by that same night been sleeping in an alleyway. No word of a lie. The thing is too; you can't gamble, not like I do anyways, without owing the wrong people money. Now by the wrong people I mean real evil sons of bitches. Downright mean bastards. The murderous kind. They shake your hand, look you in the eyes smiling, nodding and guffing, asking you bout your girl, your mother, your children, look you right in the damned eye, smiling bright, clicking their tongue and all, then shove a blade right in your gut, call you less than human, a lowlife, a gambling flunking degenerate, leave you bleedin, you don't believe it, I'll show you the scars.  

Now I'd been hired by a bona fide piece of work to kill his slice of pie wife. He didn't say why. Just how and by when, and I said how much? To which he replied you can forget the thirty large you owe me, and I'll throw in another twenty. A man like me can't say no to that. He knew. Also knew my morals were deformed. I couldn't stand that asshole. Beat me to nothing in a poolroom til I owed like a filthy bastard. His fat ass paunch sitting on the felt of the table banking ball after ball in grimy light. Taking beer after fucking beer. I figured I had him hustled flat to begin. I'd hold my game awhile. Up the stakes, you know, hour after hour. Playing the part of dumbass, more wealth than brains. Ends up at pool for three large a match. I win maybe twice on the new stake. I can't recall. Boy if I was holding my game I'm not sure what he was doing. I'd figured like shit. Beats me level ten straight and I quit. Which was when we got to drinking. Which led to talking. Which led to me sitting in this car watching her pretty little ass twitter about all over town. Yeah as I said I was enjoying myself. I got ten up front you know. I was eating at restaurants. Drinking beers all day long. Sleeping in nice hotel rooms. And watching her made me feel good. It did. She was a right piece. Hair redder than a settin swollen sun. Skin like fresh cream. I could see those green eyes shining. I was planning on strangling her. Not much blood that way. And I could get nice close look at her. Breath her in. Let struggle up against me. Fight some. Yes sir, I was looking forward to that.

The husband wasn't home most nights. He'd told me that. The son of a bitch worked the poolrooms and card halls looking for suckers like me. She would get in around nine herself and then not leave again. That was the routine five nights running. I didn't watch her that evening. Went to a movie instead. People are predictable you know. Set themselves like watches. Expected to the letter. We'd determined to make it look like a robbery. He suggested I could have my way with her, make it look more authentic, but as yet I was undecided. Killing is one thing you know. I done plenty of it. Don't bother me. There was a time when it rattled but that is long gone. Raping a woman is another case all together. I figured he hated her pretty good. Her sharing herself all about. Though mostly it was never really about that. Sure he wanted her gone, but he wanted his money staying put moreso even, you could bet your ass on that.

Well I waiting for her when she got in. Hiding in the bathroom like some kid trying to get peek at his aunt's titties. It wasn't like I thought it would be though. I was more jumpy than I would have liked. Standing there in the fucking dark. Sweating so as it ran down my flanks. Hands kinda trembling. Mind kinda racing. And she took her damned time too. Heels clicking on the polished floors all over the house. Crashing about in the kitchen. Like maybe an hour or so to get into that bedroom. And by then I was edgier than busted up razor blade. The cord in my hands strung tighter than piano wire across em. She did calm me though. Undressing like she did. All racy. Slowly and playfully. Enjoying herself somehow. Looking at herself in that big ass mirror. Combing her haemorrhaging head all naked and aglow. She was practicing lines to herself too. Making kissy faces to her double. She was a genuine piece. Genuine. I was maybe half sweet on her by the time she was done. So sweet I was figuring on letting her live another night just so as I could do this all over the following night. Course I fucked it up. Wouldn't be myself if I didn't. You can imagine what happened I think. I don't have to go into the goriest of details. I was excited you know. I lost myself a minute. Maybe it was two. She was beautiful and it was nothing sinister or the like. It was admiration I believe. Anyways she heard me in there. She was staring right at me. We both froze like popsicles. I had to bust out of there right then. There was no choice in it. It was that or run out the house like a loon with my dick in my hand yelling obscenities. Which I considered some, seeing as I didn't feel like hurting her too much. It seemed a real shame to be murdering her. Especially since I was pretty sure I was sweet on her. So I busted out the bathroom and grabbed her all rough while she was screaming murder. Which was well within her rights. I hit her without much in the face and she went down like a wilted stem under a boot heel. I proceeded then. Strangling her. One knee in her back, the other balancing myself on the floor. Truly I wasn't giving it my all. I was thinking you see. Thinking bout how she looked damned sexy straining with her ass bucking just below my knee. Her breasts warbling out her sides squashed against that floor. Her ribs poking out the snowy skin of her back. Be a real shame to finish her. I was also thinking she may have some scratch. And she may hate that son of a bitch husband of hers about same amount he does her. I knew I hated him. Just like poison. Just his overweight pocked face. His fat ass gut and balding shiny head. What was she doing with that bastard anyway? Smelt like plain money to me. I restrained myself then. Reigned it in. Let her breath. Put my other knee on the back of her pretty neck and relayed my confession to her. I patted her on the ass when I was done. I really wanted to you see. Really did. I thought about doing other things too. Wouldn't had been a man if I didn't. Like I said though. I ain't no rapist. Not mostly anyway.
J DeCeglie