All Things Move Toward Their End

Submissions Deadline: 20th August

Email all submissions to Neddal or Nicole at

Think fate.  Think predestination.  Think free will.  Think entropy.
Think divine intervention.  Think serendipity.  Think Greek tragedy.
Think the Bible.  Think Milton.  Think Shakespeare - King Lear,
Othello, and Macbeth.  Think  Graham Greene.  Think Film Noir.  Think
Evelyn Waugh.  Think Camus.  Think Sartre.  Think Ballard.  Think the
reptile brain.

To add a little kink to the Sein straight and narrow, the autumn issue will be edited by two guests:

Neddal Ayad is a writer, musician and photographer based in St. Johns, Newfoundland.  His work can be found in Sein und Werden and scattered at various points throughout the net.  When not distracted by pictures, words, and music he often thinks of fucking off to Africa. He can be reached at

Nicole Votta is a gothicly inclined young woman who is about forty-nine cats short of perfection.  She can often be found in and around downtown Toronto, Ontario looking bored, distracted, and annoyed.  She is currently at work on a long and involved novel in which an analogue of the 70's punk scene in NYC plays out in Edwardian England.  It's gonna be groovy babe.  She can be reached at