Sit My Son

It is time you learned a hard fact.

When a woman is… menstruating, and has, in a way that is absolute, thrown herself bodily from the deck of reason, it is unwise to make any reference to said condition, do no think to remind her. Indeed, if it can be helped, make no reference at all to the moon, not even to comment on its brightness or position in sky for to do so could invoke its cyclic wrath in the form of unhinged feminosity. The best course is to make peace at all costs. This is imperative. If you must scrape and bow then scrape and bow. Comply with all that is asked and display the magnificence of your submission in every gesture, every word, caress.

That or go very far away. In this second case pack lightly and tell no one unless you must for the omnipotence of menstrual fury squeezes secrets like toothpaste from the most trusted of friends. Nay, go by ship, for it leaves no tracks, and disembark upon a harbor other than the one stated upon your ticket.

Yes, this is the way. I have lived long by this code and it has seen me well.
Tyler Enfield