They Shouldn't Have Been Doing It

They shouldn't have been doing it yet here they were pumping humping through miles of stars and the stealthy heat of fire. And they loved it. Adored it. Cooed at it like a baby shaking rattle fists and drooling milk. They shouldn't have been but they were.

And that is where she found them. Tongue tied and de-pants. Grinding away at it. And they looked cute together. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Faces like porcelain angels on a mantle stained and grained.

Hansel and Gretel she said, knowing them from the outskirts of the village, you shouldn't be doing that. You shouldn't be doing that she said.

We know they said back. Maybe you could join us. And while she did for a bit there was something more in store than merely sweating and playing about.

Come back to my house she said where there is nothing but gingerbread frosting and delicious nooks and crannies filled with sauce and overflowing. It will taste heavenly.

Okay they said.

But when it came time for the pushing and shoving she was the one in the lead and like a train whistle blowing they blew her straight into the gates of an oven already grisly with fat. And though she screamed in a wail they continued on fucking. They shouldn't have been doing it. They shouldn't have been doing it but they were.

And for years they went on encasing sweat in layers of fat and eating any and all who wandered near. Shattering fairytale expectations.

And when she was old enough and things turned the way they do, kids started popping out one two three four. And they ate the rancid ones. And the dark ones and the slow ones. But they kept the sweet ones. The sweet ones might be nice later on. Might have a future outside of a wood. Or they'd be deliciously simple. Maybe with gravy. Either way, they shouldn't have been doing what they were doing. But here they were. Going on with it. Breaking the way it starts with once upon a time.
J. A. Tyler