Kristina Marie Darling

1. Heroin[e]

The girl is
        dressed in pink with feather
                trim it is sectioned like
                borealis in verifiable
        cartography ---
At night she dreams of the little blue
                house on Grand where most have
                        wanted neon like rolling wires
                from the ground in crushing struggles
it becomes a morning train-way
                        calculations made
                        a blank of needless signage
                                        of diesel and THE JETS
                        it grips her like salvation once was Pasadena
                               static in the small grey room
                of half-lit Revlon & her thin overpass
        to the precise 1.3948 hrs peace
2. Marilyn

BEHOLD! It's death and blooming
        roses; pink teacups
                from mother at an end;
        they scathe each fallen chain-
link fence while you, the schoolboy,
                watched her slither
        through smoke and satin; are flawless
as you felt it like electric lights. The one you love
                 has lit the stage; white teeth
         of dust & shimmer. Below her glitz
                you wait with promise
                star-struck rhythm descend
        the realms of broken
                                   chords --- divinations
                             of tequila
                         stillness and fluorescent dawn.
3. House of Fame

The sky begins to shift
                  like razor-wire
in rigid half-light -
                  clouds cut through
their grey to dark
                  windows and unsteady
street-signs, it's death
                  and nightly resurrection.
On East 10th St. she has lived
                  a life of Cherry Cola
with menthol slims.


                    the door is closed
                                        behind her.
She knows
                must happen. Cold light
      is blazing through
      the synapse of her skin.