for ee

mr. with lived in a once
he had the best of backs
the worst of fronts

he walked through wasn't
and became his comings
out-loving love
with sweet little nothings

hammerhead needed
his pound of song
to defeat what weapon
the neck, the neck

needed to break
his tourniquets for whatever
teeth were coming,

mr. with broke his who
by putting done into his do
knowing now is always new
mr. with he broke on through

but hammerhead, hammerhead
just plain broke
died of himself
the cruelest joke

mr. with never understood
why hammerhead would bang so
and hammerhead never understood
how mr. with could just let go

and now mr. with misses
his hard headed friend
sees how he will have to
do without in the end
peter schwartz
Kenneth Gurney
Schizophrenic Dopey

On a snow white morning,
I woke up and realized,
once and for all time,
that I was Grumpy!

This truth was quickly confirmed,
when I discovered
the decapitated bodies
of six metaphysical midgets
strewn about my one-room house,
their floppy hats covered
rigor mortis erections,
and all their hi-ho smiles
were wiped from their contorted faces -

        The raven-haired beauty
        slept in someone else's bed
        dreaming she had escaped
        the poison apple.

(Schizophrenic Dopey was first published in 'Riverwest Review')