Rachel Kendall is a forty year old writer and editor (Sein und Werden) living in Manchester with her daughter of much-messness. The house is full of junk, dead things (some stuffed, others skeletal), books, fairy wings, a toy tea-set, a selection of Eeyores, many films, plastic dinosaurs, much vintage jewellary and Owen the armadillo. She collects animal-feet brooches and loves the printed word.

Her literary/travel memoir 'Stranger Days' is now available from Oneiros Books.

Her short story collection The Bride Stripped Bare was published by Dog Horn Publishing in 2009.

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Stranger Days:
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I am not a photographer but I like to take photographs.
It's All About Me
I spent a long time photographing myself, trying to analyse the disembodied, the dismembered.
Having a child changes your past as well as your present and your future. I no longer take pictures of myself, but have a renewed interest in my own childhood. Some of these images are scans of old photographs.
The Torture Garden
The ruthless, unforgiving beauty of nature and the carnage that emerges in its wake.
Cutting and sticking. Like some historical medical procedure, but with less blood. And some of the diaries I've kept since I was 15. Live life twice. Edit, rewind. Cut cut cut.
Lessons in dissecting a squirrel, the late, great Super Hussy Pussy, and the giant weathered bear that lived next door.

Many links of interest to writers and anyone who takes pleasure in the arts.

14th November 2015

TONIGHT - I will be reading from The Bride Stripped Bare at the launch event of author/photographer Sue Fox's debut novel The Visceral Tear.

Expect a wonderful evening of music, art, words, performance and weirdly wonderful things to see and buy. This is an adult-only night due to the graphic nature of the material. It's going to be a night of creative chaos!



New review of 'The Bride Stripped Bare' over at The Skinny.

Hearby Michael Prihoda is the latest Sein und Werden / Books publication. Using the black-out poetry technique Prihoda has taken The Stranger by Albert Camus and created a whole new poetry collection.


I'm very excited to announce that 'Stranger Days' is now available from Oneiros Books.

'This is an intense, claustrophobic tale full of the sights, sounds and particularly smells evoked by a hothouse Parisian summer. Rachel Kendall takes her heroine ever deeper into an existential crisis exacerbated by artistic failings and an uneven relationship with her male partner Z. The lush prose will convince you that you've been to every café and exhibition the city of lovers has to offer; the plot will wrench at both your heart and your psyche. This book is for everyone who's ever read Camus or Sartre or who's ever taken the metro or smoked a Gauloise by the Seine and wondered: who am I really? Kendall's gripping narrative conjures strange and stranger days indeed.' BFS Award winner Allen Ashley


'The Bride Stripped Bare' is having a second print run. My novel The Blush did not get published by Black Coffee Press which, unfortunately, ceased business. However, with the new name Stranger Days it has now been accepted by Oneiros Press and is due out later this year.

Following months of disruption I am now back online and able to update this site and Sein und Werden, which for the whole of this year is in the hands of guest-editors.

Earlier this year saw the arrival of ISMs Press's fourth chapbook 'riding the lace barometer' by j/j hastain, and at this moment I am currently printing the next offering - 'England Remained Relatively Calm Last Night' by the prolific and possibly crazy Phil Doran. WATCH THIS SPACE!

With regards to my own writing... the novel is underway again. I started it in Prague in 2005 and have been dipping in and out (but mostly out) of it since. I am now back in full swing.

I recently had my short story 'Chamber Music' accepted for publication in the new Des Lewis Classical Horror anthology due out later this year, and an older fiction of mine - 51 Weeks - was published in Terrorscribes by Doghorn Publishing.

I hope to be editing an anthology with Doghorn in the not-too-distant future.


Interview and review of The Bride Stripped Bare at The Short Review.


Short story 'Horror Stories for Boys' accepted for the Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies, edited by Des Lewis.


Short story 'Real Celebrity' accepted for the anthology The Monster Book for Girls, edited by Terry Grimwood.


'The Bride Stripped Bare' is to be made available as an e-book along with the whole of Dog Horn Publishing's back catalogue. Here's to more affordable reading!


Short story 'Colour Me Crazy' accepted for Polluto Magazine.


Short story 'The Seasonal Witch' accepted for the anthology 'Women Writing the Weird', edited by Deb Hoag.


'51 Weeks' (The Bride Stripped Bare)
'Blood Money' (The Bride Stripped Bare)
'Eat Me, Eat Me' (The Bride Stripped Bare)
'Holesale' (Null Immortalis)
'The Bride Stripped Bare' (The Bride Stripped Bare)
'The Seedy Underbelly' (The Bride Stripped Bare)
...given honourable mentions for 2010 by Ellen Datlow


New reviews of The Bride Stripped Bare.


My short story 'Real Celebrity' accepted for the anthology 'The Monster Book for Girls' by Exaggerated Press.


, the new anthology by Doghorn featuring 4 of my short stories is now available, and it looks stunning!

'Axis' is included in the new e-thology, Quantum Genre in the Planet of Arts, edited by V Ulea at Paraphilia Magazine.


Four stories accepted for a new Doghorn anthology titled Cabala. 'Bird-girl of Belomorsk' and 'The Fox and the No-Moon' are gothic/erotic fairy tales, 'Elsbeth Schultz' is an Expressionist-inspired short story based very loosely on the Elizabeth Short murder, and 'Stain' is a gruesome horror. I'll be sharing space with four brilliant authors, Jodie Daber, Richard Evans, Jacqui Houghton and AJ Kirby.